Thank you for being here.

LanceCMS is a development package that has been built by me, to handle various types of projects from a single code-base. I am a freelance full-stack developer and always strive to deliver the best of the best projects. I have worked single handed in various projects and after an experience of 12 years, I developed this LanceCMS, which also took 2 years.

I have taken the best of Laravel, Codeigniter and various other frameworks and libraries to develop it. Now LanceCMS is more than sufficient to handle any type of projects. If I need any new functionality to develop, that can be also developed easily, as the whole structure has been developed by following HMVC approach. So, when I need a new functionality, I develop a new module without disturbing any other files.

The most powerful part of this is database handling part and view generation part. I have developed my own template logic on top of the framework to handle the view generation smoothly and to pass the core-web-vital tests.

Also the database logics are re-built on top of the framework logics which works like feather. It already proved me what it can do, how much load it can take in a normal, affordable server.

Let's have a look at to some projects built by LanceCMS.

Want to launch your own project online or looking for a ready made solution? Look no further, just send the requirements to me at [email protected] or have a chat in whatsapp in +91 7003687879

Note :: I have been a bit busy for the last two years (2020 - 2022) in developing this. Still I could not manage to develop my own website. The brand new website describing all the powers of LanceCMS will be coming very soon, expected in April 2023.

Thank you again for being here.


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